Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Are you living in a world of blame, shame, and guilt?






Are your negative thoughts spiraling out of control?

Are you at the point of questioning your sanity?

You know the cycle of emotional abuse and manipulation…

In the beginning, he was mesmerizing, beautiful, charismatic, and full of life. His passionate kisses and touch sent vibrations through your veins, and feelings of euphoria took over your senses.

Most love stories begin with a kiss – this one with a well-weaved mask and a premeditated plan to consume your soul. The first date turned into a relationship; intimacy heightened on all levels.

He is enamored by your beauty and self-esteem yet searches for insecurities. You become the center of his world. You live on an isolated island where the only focus is on the two of you, enhancing the codependency of the relationship. This world feels protected, affectionate, yet overbearing and frightening. You begin to lose touch with friends and family… it is actually encouraged.

The first hit was shocking.

“It must be a bad day,” you tell yourself. Maybe you upset him or did something wrong. You deserved it. You rationalize and minimize it, hoping it will blow over.

He then begins to create a life full of accusations, blaming the insecurities from your past and present. He enjoys watching you doubt your sense of self. You start to shrink as he preys to destroy your identity and self-worth…

You are nothing without him.

You live in a false reality where you are the crazy one, over-emotional, and too sensitive.

You go back and forth from love bombing, where they give you a taste of the love you once had, to withholding love and affection, where you become needy and take whatever scraps you can get.

The love story has become a nightmare: name-calling, manipulation, blame, and threats. One from which you desperately want to wake up.

“If I stay, I will lose my sanity. I will lose myself. I will give everything until there is nothing left to give.”

There is a way out, and I can help.

Narcissists come in all shapes and sizes, gender, and ethnicity.

If you’ve experienced (or are experiencing) narcissistic abuse, I’m here to help you reclaim your power. I’m here to help you end the cycle of victimization and emotional manipulation. By providing you with tools, empathic awareness, care, and understanding, we will break the cycle of abuse.

Overcoming narcissistic abuse is one of the most difficult things you might ever experience. You may feel your life is shattered, that you lost everything, but this is false.

Some effective tools and solutions will help you break free and feel empowered. Recovery is an involved process and should not be done alone. Throughout our treatment together, you will learn how to deal with the trauma left behind, understand what made you vulnerable to the abuse, and solve the problems that come with the emotions you feel that overwhelm you.

Safety and stabilization.

We will establish a safety plan to ensure safety should you be at risk of imminent danger. We will find a healthy way of dealing with feelings of insecurity, anger, and anxiety as you adjust to a life without them in it. We will create necessary boundaries should the narcissist remain in your life for reasons you cannot escape, such as sharing the responsibility of children.

Remembrance and mourning.

This involves grieving what you lost due to the abuse. We will work through stages of denial, bargaining, sadness, and anger until we reach acceptance and forgiveness. The practice of remembrance is connected to our experiences. We will move through this process with compassion for yourself, so you can heal trauma from your past and make way for future love and happiness.

Reconnecting and integration.

Reconnecting means turning to solitude and the responsibility that comes with it. Together, we will find patterns and areas of trauma that led to toxic relationships in your life. The most important part of recovery is reconnecting with yourself while setting boundaries to avoid future toxic relationships.

Happiness and fulfillment.

Understanding that you are not alone is the first step. You will learn about narcissistic abuse to identify it in your life and others. This will help you avoid being taken advantage of by other narcissists. You will learn how to take care of yourself. In learning how to take care of your physical and mental health, you will move to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Rebuilding your life as a survivor.

The gift from this experience lies in your empathy and compassion for yourself and others. To reconnect with the part of yourself who wants to survive in the world. You have the opportunity to share your story and create a platform for healing. Through recovery, you will find self-confidence and self-love. You will reclaim some of your former self through change while paving a new identity. We will practice mindfulness, being present in the now, letting go of the past, and carving a new way for your future.

You don’t have to do this alone!

You have a voice, a purpose, and a meaning in life, and there’s nothing more rewarding than tapping into your power.

It’ll take care, understanding, time, and effort, but you can do it – and you’re worth it!

Let me show you how to love yourself as you are – with respect, kindness, and love.

Let’s talk about it. Contact me today for your free 15-minute consultation: (626) 283-5852.