Couples Counseling

What happened to the love?

That feeling in your stomach – that irrepressible smile on your face – at the mere thought of your partner? Gone. Flickers. Faint memories.

Those things about your partner that used to turn you on and excite you – now only irritate and exasperate you.

Sometimes, even the smallest thing they do sets your teeth on edge. You used to want to spend every moment together. Now, you look forward to “me” time.

What happened to the longing?

You don’t greet one another at the door anymore. A sincere, “How was your day?” has become a somber, “What’s for dinner? Can you take out the trash?”

Now, you can’t remember the last meaningful conversation you had with one another. And hot sex? Any sex? Difficult to accomplish when you sleep in separate rooms.

You’ve gone from passion, excitement, and romance to arguments, criticism, anger, and resentment.

So, you’ve both begun to find new connections with others to fill the void between you.

You miss your partner. Where did they go?

You have emotional, intellectual, financial, and sexual needs – and no one is meeting them. There’s a drastic gap between you two.

But nothing hurts more than when your partner isn’t listening to what you have to say.

Have you grown too far apart?

You wonder how you got here – and whether you can ever get back.

But you can find each other again, and I can help.

I help emotionally committed couples experiencing distress, despair, and hopelessness move from conflict to resolution.

By providing active listening, empathic confrontation, and positive encouragement, I’ll help you connect more deeply, improve communication and intimacy, and strengthen your bond.

I honor the opportunity to help couples build and rebuild true intimacy, trust, commitment, and passion in their relationships.

Find your way back to each other and rekindle that spark.

Let me help you develop the strategies you need to feel whole again – individually and together.

Nurture your love with one another. Rediscover compassion, passion, and excitement. Learn about one another all over again.

It takes effort and attention, but the flame you nurture may burn brighter than ever.

Reach out today: (626) 283-5852.