Individual Therapy

What’s that “something more” that you want out of life?

You’ve sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears to create the life you have now. At moments when your mind is still, you can’t help but feel unfulfilled, incomplete, and robbed of true happiness.

Family, friends, relationships, and work – you’ve put together the essential pieces of the puzzle of what you “thought” would create the perfect picture that would make you complete and happy.

But there is a missing piece that makes you feel stuck, confused, and empty.

That missing piece torments you in relationships, making you feel lost, alone, beaten down, and defeated. You continue to lose more of yourself every day.

And you don’t want to feel guilty…

… every time you think about making a change for yourself.

You desperately want something more fulfilling in your life but taking care of everyone around you is your gut instinct. You have traits of an empath, a highly sensitive soul who experiences a great deal of empathy, often taking on pain of others at your own expense.

You would rather help someone else than put yourself as the priority. “Everyone needs me!” you scream, so you stretch yourself so thin that you become beaten down with failure, dissatisfaction, unworthiness, and feeling ‘not good enough.’ Ironically, your initial efforts are torn down with criticism, insults, and blame that make your intent less successful than if you did something for yourself, to begin with.

The pleasing, worry, anxiety, stress, and lack of self-care take you away from being present with all elements of you that you resent the efforts you initially made. Relationships are compromised, and emotions and behaviors become uncontrollable because you didn’t fulfill what you need to make you happy and better able to help your loved ones. The golden rule is that to successfully help someone you have to help yourself first.

You have a voice, and it needs to be heard.

You want a fresh perspective…

You want to see things more clearly…

You want to be accepted for who you are…

You want to feel like you belong and that you have a purpose…

You want to feel unconditional love, care, and understanding…

But you’ll need someone outside your circle of family and friends.

It’s okay to want something more for yourself! This is your time to be selfish and place your needs first.

Everyone in your life has their unique perspective on how to “fix you.” Since they love you and are immersed in your personal life, they feel they are the expert in your life. However, family and friends cannot remain objective. They are too involved and come from a place of care, concern, and need to protect. They have an invested outcome in mind that may not be in your best interest.

I provide an objective, nonjudgmental perspective tailored to what is in your best interest and of those around you. I never judge, share your personal information, or make you do something that may create more chaos and confusion in your life. My goal is to guide and walk with you on your journey to help achieve the life you have been searching for, to complete the missing parts of yourself.

Don’t settle for less than what you want and need. I’ll be here to walk with you side by side.

A spa treatment for your mind, body, and soul…

Together, we’ll explore and discover the things you value most in life.

We’ll begin by looking at your thoughts and feelings about where you are in your life and where you want to go.

We’ll talk about your unique experiences, relationships, and areas of trauma that shaped you into the person you are right now.

We’ll identify your patterns of acting and reacting, and you’ll learn new ways to free what’s holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Each week, we’ll talk and face the obstacles holding you back, moving you toward your life goals. Building on your strengths, we’ll put you on the path to becoming your own hero!

Finally, you have a place where your needs and wants come first. And guess what… you deserve it!

Are you ready for a life of excitement and purpose?

Don’t sit back and react to everything that happens around you!

You own your future. Take action to have the inner strength to focus on your goals and dreams and begin living your purpose-driven life. Be proactive and create the change you want for yourself. Create the person you want to become.

You have a choice to make. Now is the time! Call now for your free 15-minute consultation: (626) 283-5852.