Ashima the Story

Here’s the legend behind the name of my practice…

Ashima translates to “precious light like gold.”

Ashima was born of the Yi people. She had very humble beginnings, but she lived an abundant life.

She was admired by many for her singing and dancing.

She was creative, passionate, and strong-minded.

Ashima was fell in love and was engaged to Ahei…

Ahei was poor and had little power, but he was a brave and wise young man.

But one day, when Ashima was at the market, she was met by the rich and powerful Azhi, the village leader’s son. Enamored by her beauty, he advanced. But she refused his courtship.

Azhi was shamed to the point of anger.

He stewed in that anger until autumn.

That’s when Ahei left the village to work in the fields.

And when he left, Azhi kidnapped Ashima and forced her to marry him!

When Ashima cried said that Ahei was the only man she would ever love, Azhi became so angry that he whipped her until her whole body was frail and bruised.

When Ahei heard about Ashima’s kidnapping…

He mounted his horse and vowed to rescue her.

When he arrived, Azhi refused to let him see her. But then he had a change of heart, offering him the chance if he could beat him in a contest of song.

The contest lasted three days and three nights, and Azhi promised Ahei that he could see his beloved the next day.

But it was a trick…

During the night, the powerful Azhi unleashed three tigers to kill Ahei. But even this didn’t work because Ahei killed the tigers with three daggers! At last, he could be with Ashima! They left together and played down by the river.

But in his anger and embarrassment, Azhi refused to surrender. He would rather kill Ashima than see her with another.

So… what did he do? Azhi used his power to flood the river, and Ashima drowned. Ahei kept calling out her name, but the only voice he heard was his echo.

Ashima was turned was into river stones.

Whenever Ahei missed her, he faced the stones, called her name, and talked to her. By the sound of his echo, he could live with his beloved Ashima forever.

Today, in the heart of the Stone Forest, Yunnan Province…

There is a remarkable limestone formation called the Ashima Stone. She is a symbol of hope for freedom to choose whom to marry.

The tale of Ashima’s courage and fortitude while resisting a power greater than her own is a timeless source of inspiration.

It’s the belief that darkness will be replaced by light, evil by virtue, and oppression and bondage by freedom.

The meaning behind Ashima…

As a therapist specializing in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, so many of my clients are healing from encountering an extreme narcissist in work, family, or romantic relationships. Unfortunately, this form of emotional abuse is more common than we think, and the consequences are so life-threatening.

Ashima is a symbol of beauty, admiration, and innocence. Her love was met with no boundaries and was pure and true. However, one that possessed power and riches viewed Ashima as a possession, an object to be owned and flaunted for Azhi’s pride and ego. Not able to accept rejection, Azhi’s anger violated her personal boundaries and safety and isolated her from her family and lover. He then stonewalled her into silence and physically abused her until she could not fight anymore. The lies, empty promises, betrayal, and manipulation led to Ashima’s demise and ultimate death.

In the end, her love defeated anger, and she became a symbol of empowerment, strength, and hope for freedom for others to follow.

Narcissistic abusers leave their victims depressed, anxious, even suicidal at times.

There is a way out of the cycle of abuse, safely.

Together, we can find our power and put an end to abuse.

Let’s stand together!

Let’s tap into your power!

My goal is to assist survivors in tapping into their power to break free. To awake your true self, past traumas, and deep-rooted wounds that have altered your sense of self. My goal is to help you find your power.

By recognizing your current state of powerlessness, you can hold onto your faith that things can turn around that you have the opportunity to live a more meaningful life full of healing and recovery.

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