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All you do is fight.

It feels like you can’t communicate anymore.

Conversations become fights at the drop of a hat.

You feel utterly alone in this relationship, and the pain is suffocating.

There’s already been so much damage that you’re losing hope your relationship can be fixed.

You’ve both been struggling for a while now.

The constant arguing drains you emotionally and affects your ability to work.

You’ve tried a million ways to communicate your needs, but your partner twists the words into an accusation.

You sleep in the same bed, but it feels like you’re staring at the back of a stranger at night.

You found yourself reaching out to your ex on Facebook and looking at old photos the other night.

Don’t wait for things to get worse.

It’s time your relationship experienced the support it deserves.

In a safe and supportive space, we’ll identify the underlying issues in your relationship and the unspoken perceptions you’ve each developed over time.

Uncovering patterns from your past allows us to understand your expectations better and enable you to communicate on a deeper level.

We’ll create shared goals for your lives and relationship by addressing your needs individually and as a couple.

Let’s bridge the gap.

By focusing on the needs beneath your words, we’ll heal your communication and restore a sense of safety between you.

You’ll learn how to clearly articulate your needs and discuss complex topics in a way that brings you closer together.

Physical and emotional intimacy naturally follows with a strong foundation of safety and communication between you. (Yes, this means better sex as well).

Each session fortifies your relationship with one another and gives you tools to navigate conflict smoothly as it arises.

The glow between you isn’t gone.

The steps you take today will affect the rest of your future together.

Don’t wait for another fight to give your relationship the support it needs.

Rediscover the passion and excitement you once had while nurturing your love and building a bright future together.

I honor the opportunity to help you build the passionate relationship of your dreams.

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